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Apr. 3rd, 2016 04:16 am
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Nov. 2nd, 2016 03:46 pm
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Name: Genjyo Sanzo [or just Sanzo]
Age: 24~25
Canon: Saiyuki [Manga]
Canon point: Reload Blast - Bit after the end of volume 2

Appearance: Here! Extras one, two, and three. Permanent resting murder face.

Personality: Most people would not want to be around Sanzo for any extended period of time. He's aggressive, caustic, very misanthropic, and not at all afraid to let others know this. He can be polite but is usually, at best, dismissive or apathetic. There is a good person under all that snarling and shouting, evidenced by his habit of saving people, but don't expect him to rush to help anyone unless he's the last option available.

He's extremely prideful and easily goaded. At the same time he's a reclusive weirdo. He's very bad at being a proper monk and doesn't really care to fix that.

Abilities: He's skilled in martial arts, has fantastic aim with his revolver, and is bizarrely durable. There's no real explanation for how he's not dead yet, he's just not. Supernatural levels of stubbornness.

Compared to another Sanzo priest, he doesn't have much in the way of magical abilities, except for the Maten sutra, which can bind an enemy's movements. The only thing that appears to affect the sutra is the sutra of another Sanzo priest.

CRAU: I'm picking up this character from someone else who played him in multiple games. He's lost memories of those games preceding the one before Genessia. Shit Happened, leaving him with a strong connection to Amberdrake k'Leshya played by [personal profile] amberdrake whether he likes it or not.
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How's my driving?
Is this the accelerator?
Sanzo is not allowed to drive anymore.
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((OOC: This is to test how I rp the character and to act as an rp sample for an application! With help from my roommate [personal profile] amberdrake on another account [personal profile] magus_majere! ))

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